Reyza T.
Wyckoff, NJ

I highly recommend James Karr. He installed a Piano Life Saver System on my piano and he also tuned it. He went above and beyond to help me fix other issues that was happening with the piano. He's honest and attentive. My piano sounds amazing!

Khan S.
Ridgewood, NJ

Mr. Karr was very pragmatic when it came to my very inexpensive piano. He walked me through issues and suggested repairs that made economic sense based on the state of my piano. I can't believe how well my piano sounds now! thanks!

Easy K.
Livingston, NJ

I was referred to James by many people in the community. I had a piano that hadn't been tuned for a while and I wanted someone who knew what they were doing.

Price. James was really upfront and honest. A lot of tuners will nickel-and-dime you. Many will initially quote you a low price but when they are at your house, they will tack on extras, saying that you're piano is really out of tune and your estimate could skyrocket. But, even though my piano hasn't been tuned in 25 years, James added very little to the original price.

Performance. I've played the violin my entire life and I can tell James has a great ear. If you check his website, you'll see he's got good credentials. But, what really impressed me the most and made me write this review is that he tuned everything TWICE. Most tuners will only tune keys once and split. He took the time to actually tune everything twice to make sure everything was perfect. That's shows to me that James is a person who cares about what he does. If you mention my name, I'm sure you'll get the same great work.

Lorrie Savas
Franklin Lakes, NJ

James is an amazing piano technician. He is able to tune a piano perfectly. If you have a piano tuner that completes their job in 45 minutes, he/she does is not doing a complete job. James makes sure that he tests every interval and makes the appropriate adjustments. He is very professional and communicates well over phone or text. He is reliable and prompt.I highly recommend James to give your piano the perfect pitch.

Theresa LaFlam
Hawthorne, NJ

Extremely happy with services!! Our piano sounds brand new!! James is very professional and was awesome to work with!

Anthony Mangini
River Edge, NJ

We are very happy with is excellence and his precision. He does not rush the job. He works the keys and wrench until the complete piano is in tune. He'll spend a good hour and a half getting it right. We found him on Angie's List and we are not letting him go. Description of work: In April of 2016 we had James tune our grand piano, which had not been tuned in over a decade. He was excellent. Today, March 1, 2017, we had James back for a tuning and pedal adjustment. During the ensuing 11 months the piano James tuned last year was just a bit off. That is an amazing testament to the great job he did getting it in shape last year.

Erin Mull
Oakland, NJ

Mr. Karr arrived on time, did the tuning in the time he had stated and I intend to use him on a regular basis. Description of work: I inherited a piano from a relative that hadn't been tuned for a very long time. Mr. Karr came over and brought the piano back to life. It plays beautifully now.

Diane Kratz
Rutherford, NJ

I was reluctant to get rid of the old piano, as it was in a beautiful, carved piece of furniture. However, the new one looks very nice in my living room and makes the room look larger. There have been some problems with the keys sticking, but Jamie has promptly responded to my calls and come to fix them. He was at my home last night and will return after the holidays to do some more work on the piano. Description of work: I first called Jamie, based on the reviews he has received, to tune an antique Emerson upright piano. The piano hadn't been tuned in over 10 years, and besides being out of tune, the keys were sticking. He arrived on time, and proceeded to use a procedure that he believed would fix the keys. When he sat down to tune, he found that the problem was more complex. He would have to removed the piano insides, and work on them in his shop. It was a rather expensive procedure and he was afraid that after it was done, they might quickly "restick". He told me he had a piano in his show room that was reasonably priced and came with warranties. I went to look at the piano. It was a Baldwin piano that looked brand new and also sounded very good. I decided to purchase it. He arranged to have the piano delivered and the old piano removed at no extra cost.

Alfred Bernabe
Paramus, NJ

Upon contacting James he promptly scheduled the tuning. He arrived on time and explained the process and walked me through extra work that needed to be done and explained why. It was a pleasure dealing with him and we'll use his services again in the future. It's also appreciated that he accepts credit cards for payment.

Jean Rayner
Paramus, NJ

Very pleased with James Karr piano tuning. Extremely communicative with responses, prompt arrival, competitively priced and this is truly his area of professional expertise. Went beyond my expectations to ensure that I was 100% satisfied with the voicing/tuning of my Yamaha baby grand. Also, a very sincere and nice man to do business with and would highly recommend. A++.

Brenda Cioce
Essex Fells, NJ

He was friendly, polite, timely and great to work with.

Edwin Kim
Livingston, NJ

I was referred to James by many people in the community. I had a piano that hadn't been tuned for a while and I wanted someone who knew what they were doing. James was really up front and honest. A lot of tuners will nickel-and-dime you. Many will initially quote you a low price but when they are at your house, they will tack on extras, saying that you?re piano is really out of tune and your estimate could skyrocket. But, even though my piano hasn't been tuned in 25 years, James added very little to the original price. I've played the violin my entire life and I can tell James has a great ear. If you check his website, you'll see he's got good credentials. But, what really impressed me the most and made me write this review is that he tuned everything TWICE. Most tuners will only tune keys once and split. He took the time to actually tune everything twice to make sure everything was perfect. That shows me that James is a person who cares about what he does. If you mention my name, I'm sure you'll get the same great work.

Doug Jones
Caldwell, NJ

Jamie was fabulous to deal with. Answered all of our questions through email very promptly. Did a great job and made recommendations on how we can better maintain our piano. Thanks!

Barbara Pagliocca
Westwood, NJ

Very professional, he shared his opinion of my old piano, how often it should be tuned, etc.

Sharon Weinmann
Pompton Plains, NJ

Tuned my very old, very flat and uneven piano. He arrived right on time and was very professional. Now that I have found Mr. Karr, I will make sure my piano gets tuned yearly.

Karen Rockefeller
Wayne, NJ

The work was successfully completed as my children gave the sound of the piano a thumbs up! Mr. Karr was prompt, knowledgeable and professional. I will definitely use him again and would recommend him to anyone looking for a tuner.

John Zeller
Ridgewood, NJ

I don't remember his specific pricing, but it was competitive. Overall, I thought he was prompt, clean and did a good job.

Joan Mathieu
Saint Petersburg, FL

Jamie did not charge. I had stuck keys on my yamaha electric piano. he told me how to fix the problem myself and the fix worked. He is a great guy and very helpful!

Gunther Jahns
Paramus, NJ

He did very well and he was reasonable. He was also very professional. The piano is much older than I am, but he did as well as he could with it and we were pleased with his ability. It was so old that he could not tune the very low strings, but that was okay.

Alicia Delalio
Allendale, NJ

The piano sounds excellent, which is difficult to do due to the piano's age. Description of work: Mr. Karr tuned my 100+ year old upright piano and also fixed two wooden pieces that had fallen out off the hammers.

Susan McBrayer
Vocal Coach
Ridgewood, NJ

I am extremely proud to add my name to the roster of James Karr testimonials. Having suggested Jamie as a technician to many students, performers, and fellow musicians, I can honestly say I have NEVER heard a complaint. Jamie is honest, punctual, communicative, and exceptionally knowledgeable about fine pianos. As a Steinway owner, I would never have anyone but the most proficient and trusted technician work on my piano, and Jamie is THE GUY. I recommend him without reservation.

Ruth Pelio
Serious Classical Pianist
Kinnelon, NJ

I just had to call to tell you my piano sounds so beautiful! I don't ever remember my Steinway Model L sounding that good, even when I first purchased it. The brilliance, the clarity, the sustain of the notes, and the ease with which I'm able to depress the keys - all of it is just great. I just had to say 'thank you so much' - you just did such a wonderful job and made me so happy. Thank you!

David Wright
Semi-Professional Pianist
Allendale, NJ

Jamie Karr has serviced my pianos expertly for decades. He has gotten the best out of earlier, lesser instruments I’ve owned, and in recent years has done a top-notch job with my Steinway Model B. Upon purchase, this instrument required a more expert, experienced hand and ear in voicing and regulating than the dealer was able to provide. Jamie provided it, bringing out the instrument’s full potential. A well-tuned and regulated instrument enables the musician to focus without distraction on playing and improving. Jamie will serve as your partner in this respect with reliability and professionalism.

Seymour Bernstein
Concert Pianist, Author
New York City, NY

Jamie ... You performed miracles with the Steinway "C" at the Christ Church in Pompton Lakes. I played a few bars and couldn't believe it was the same piano. The sound is unified and the action is twice as responsive. Bravo for your excellent and artistic work.

James E Schmieder
Classical Piano Enthusiast
Pompton Plains, NJ

I have been doing business with James Karr for more than twenty years. He tuned and expertly serviced, voiced, etc. my 30 year old Bechstein. I have recently purchased a Steinway model B which he has turned into a "musician's" instrument with some expert voicing and leveling of the hammers. He is highly skilled and a credit to his craft. I recommend his services to anyone looking for the quality one expects and seldom finds these days. A big "thumbs up"!

Michelle Mestman
Pianist/ accompanist, teacher
New York, NY

I own three Steinway grand pianos, all meticulously restored and maintained by James Karr to the highest degree and regularly performed on by concert pianists. Guest performers proclaim these pianos to be extraordinary in terms of sound and touch. Simply put, Jamie is among the very best in this business and I put all of my trust in his vast experience and expertise.

Alan Stepansky
Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University
Manhattan School of Music
Artist Faculty, Music Academy of the West
Former Associate Principal Cellist
New York Philharmonic

James Karr is a first-rate piano technician. He has tuned and serviced my 1918 Mason for several years, and it's a pleasure to recommend both his skill and his professionalism. Highest marks to James Karr for state-of-the-art piano care!

Denise Rieser
Private piano and flute instructor,
River Vale, NJ.

I am writing this in reference to James Karr, piano tuner. I have been using James Karr Piano services for over 10 years now and I have been extremely happy with Jamie and his way of doing business.

I am a private piano teacher and I have been teaching out of my house on a vintage Baldwin upright that came from a relative who was also a piano teacher. James has kept it in tune and working well so that I could continue to teach.

I have seen him tune Steinways and family pianos with equal respect and professionalism. I always recommend him to my students when they are in need and have never had a complaint.

What I liked about James the first time I met him is that he didn’t just tune the piano, he played it afterwards (and played very well!). When you get a real musician who tunes then you know you are getting the best!

As a businessman, James is fair and honest about the instrument to his clients. He is also a family man and understands when a child is curious or the dog is sniffing his feet while he’s trying to tune. This combination of fairness, musicianship, honesty and compassion have kept me calling James to come back and I recommend him to anyone who asks.

Beth Prins
Pianist/accompanist, teacher, choral director
Hawthorne, NJ

Mr.Karr's knowledge of the piano is expansive, touching every aspect of a piano's health and performance. He can take a piano with "issues" and make it "sing!" The level of craftsmanship and service he offers rivals that of the finest European masters!

Luciano Salvatore
Director, North Jersey Music Labs
Wyckoff NJ

For the past 20 or so years I have had the pleasure, as have my audiences, of hearing and experiencing the beautiful sounds of a" Jamie" tuned piano.

The consistency and reliability of his work is unmatched in the metro area, and JKP would always be my first choice both in the tuning and restoration of fine instruments. As a concert pianist and instructor, I have recommended him and received only the highest of compliments about his work and professionalism.

Margaret Leary
Voice Teacher
Glen Rock, NJ

I am a private voice teacher and I would like to bring to your attention a recommendation for the best piano tuner in the business. James Karr is knowledgeable, experienced, and very reliable. When training singers it is important to have a detailed technician handling the care of your instrument.

Lisa Carleo
Pianist/accompanist, teacher, choral director
Maywood, NJ

James Karr is a master at his craft. I have used Mr. Karr for over a decade and have always been pleased with his work. As a piano teacher and director of music for my parish in Paramus, NJ, I require someone with the ear and skill of Mr. Karr to keep my instruments in tune and maintained. I also had the pleasure of having James Karr restore my grandmother's Steinway grand piano. It was masterfully restored while retaining the original character of an early 20th century vintage piano.

Dennis Leogrande
The Great Kate Studio
North Haledon, New Jersey

As the owner and recording engineer of The Great Kate Studio, I realize that my clients expect my Yamaha C3 Concert Grand Piano to be in excellent performance condition. Their reputation is at stake at every recording session as well as that of the studio. I trust Jamie's talent, professionalism, and expertise to keep my piano in demand.

Ann & Bob “Mr Bob” McGrath
Singer, Performer
Original cast member of “Sesame Street”

Thanks for doing a great job keeping our old Steinway in shape. Your tuning has always been excellent and we appreciate you coming at the last minute for unexpected rehearsals.

Zoe Cassotis
Mahwah, NJ

Jamie has been tuning my 1914 Steinway upright for over 13 years. He rebuilt this instrument after I had purchased it, with very nice results. In addition, he does a wonderful job with tuning my quirky piano so it turns out beautiful music. I recommend him to service your piano. He has always been very dependable and I trust all recommendations that you make. Your knowledge of piano tuning and repair is extensive and your skill at both are exceptional. It is the main reason that I recommend you to all of my students for their piano care.

Susan Jordan
Piano Teacher
Glen Rock, NJ

As a teacher and a musician, keeping my piano in fine condition and tuning is of the utmost importance. For more than 15 years, I’ve been fortunate to have James Karr as my piano tuner. To say I’m a satisfied customer is an understatement. I wouldn’t have anyone else maintain and tune my piano. I have referred James to dozens of my piano students over the years and each and every one has been completely satisfied with his work. I am not surprised. James is a highly skilled technician, always thorough, reliable and personable. I would go out of my way to recommend that James care for your piano!

Lori and Dave Butterfield
Piano teachers
Mahwah, NJ

We highly recommend Mr. James Karr as a tuner and piano technician. He has tuned and repaired both of our pianos for several years and we recommend him to our piano students regularly. He is very knowledgeable and a pleasant person to deal with. The major repair work he did on our Steinway Grand was done in expert fashion and with no delays.

Carole L Ostrowski
Personalized Piano Instruction
Hawthorne, NJ

I have been referring James Karr Piano to my students for over 25 years. James Karr is an outstanding piano technician. I know from experience pianos serviced by James Karr will be serviced correctly.

Joseph Scorese
Director of Music
St. Gabriel's Church
Saddle River, New Jersey
Musical Director
OnStage Inc.
Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

From the time I heard the magic he performed on a dilapidated public school Everett upright in 1994 prior to the opening of a show, Jamie Karr has been the only technician I trust when I need prompt, reliable and truly musical piano tunings and service. I readily and exclusively recommend him for tunings and technical work for churches, schools and homes. His work is extraordinary.

Mrs. Noelle L. Dachis
Ramsey, NJ

As a professional musician, Junior High Choral Director, and private voice and piano teacher, I rely on my piano at home, and any I use in concert halls to be in tune. Mr. James Karr has been tuning my pianos for over eight years, and I can always rely on him to make sure they sound great! I have been able to refer him to my students without hesitation because of his quality of work and professional integrity.

Sharrel Crooke
Piano Teacher
Wayne, NJ

James Karr has been tuning my piano for eighteen years. He is always polite and does excellent work. As a piano teacher, I am happy to recommend him to all of my students. I have never had any complaints.

Dr. John Minkoff
Music Director
Hawthorne Symphony Orchestra

I can highly recommend James Karr. He has been doing a wonderful job of rebuilding pianos for me (and maintaining them) for over twenty years.

Susan Zoccoli
Piano Teacher
Franklin Lakes, NJ

Through the many years I have been a client of James, I can attest that he is a piano tuner, technician, and craftsman of the highest caliber. With his years of experience, he is extremely knowledgeable and thorough in his work, giving his clients whatever time is necessary to complete a job. He is both professional and friendly and is completely reliable in keeping to appointments and deadlines. I can happily point out that every person I have ever recommended James to has been completely satisfied with him.

Dr. Richard A. Barrows
Paramus, NJ

James Karr is a master technician and artist craftsman in the restoration, tuning, and maintenance of pianos. I recommend his work and professionalism most enthusiastically.

Jeanne Lovinger
Piano teacher
Woodwind player
Suffern, NY

I can only describe the experience with James Karr as my piano tuner in the most superlative terms. He has been my piano tuner for over 25 years and has always done an excellent job. He is competent and reliable and has always answered all of my questions demonstrating his thorough knowledge of the piano and, in particular, his concern for my piano to be the best it can be. His suggestions have always worked and his explanations have always been helpful and easy to understand. All this he accomplishes in a timely and pleasant manner at an extremely reasonable rate! James Karr gets my highest praise and recommendation.

Jackie Schiller
Pianist/ accompanist, teacher
Paramus, NJ

It gives me great pleasure to describe my association with James Karr. As a professional pianist and teacher, he has been tuning my piano for over 20 years and I have always been extremely pleased with his work. I have referred him to several of my students and colleagues who feel the same way and they have remarked on his professionalism and courteous manner. He is a conscientious and highly skilled technician and I will continue to recommend him and use him as my piano tuner.

June Applebaum
Professional Musician and Teacher
Wayne, NJ

It is wonderful to have such a skilled and trustworthy technician tune and maintain my piano! Thank-you for 25 years of fine service.

Joan Sena-Grande
Soprano, Teacher
John Grande Retired Chief Librarian at the Metropolitan Opera

John and I have entrusted James Karr with tuning and servicing our piano for almost twenty years now. He has always left our piano in perfect playing condition. His personal and professional manner has always been a lovely experience and we do not hesitate to recommend him at the highest level to all our colleagues and pupils.

Mary Ann Flatt
Piano Teacher
Wayne, NJ

James Karr has been my piano tuner for almost ten years. When I first moved to N.J. I became acquainted with him through the services he provided for the Catholic Church for which I was the music director for 5 years. He also expertly guided us to purchase a piano when we renovated our church.

Pleased with his services I then employed him as my tuner for my piano at home. He was most helpful when I purchased what I thought was a brand new piano. Through James’ keen knowledge of the inner mechanics of the piano as well as informing me of a way to investigate the actual year model of my piano he discovered that I was indeed sold a used piano. Armed with solid evidence, the store without question or argument made good on the purchase and delivered a new piano to me, no questions asked. High praise to James for his great help!

Gates Wray
(now deceased, a great loss!)
Pianist, teacher
Midland Park, NJ

I am very glad to write of my experience with James Karr as my piano tuner and technician! I’ll go straight to the point. He has a way of making my pianos sound really beautiful. I had tried to capture the sound from a previous tuner and never succeeded. Endless needling of the felt on the hammers only tended to “kill” the piano. From the first time he did a tuning, my students and I noticed an enormous change for the better. One pupil, who still had my previous tuner, remarked that her piano sounded just “plain” by comparison. An older boy (with good ears) noticed a big difference right away. As you know, I consider tone a very important thing! I believe that just because a well-tuned piano may be accurate, it is not necessarily an inspiring instrument!

If more people had the benefit of JKP piano tuning and action works, there would be much greater interest in piano study today! I cannot begin to analyze what James does that is different, but he once confided that he tries to make it sound the way the customer likes it! That boils down to a God-given gift! With such things, it is better not try to analyze, but just accept, be thankful, and enjoy!

I have always been grateful for Jamie's talent and heartily recommend him to all other pianists and piano students!

Pam Speck
Piano Teacher
Wyckoff, NJ

For the past eighteen years, James Karr has serviced my piano, maintaining it like new. His skill and care demonstrate that he is a perfectionist. He is a true professional in his field.

Mary Ann Minasian
PVMTA, NGPT, Wayne, N.J.

James Karr was recommended to me by my colleagues in the Pompton Valley Piano Teachers Association many years ago and I have employed his services ever since. I feel confident that the care and service given to my Bechstein piano are of the highest quality. It is reassuring to know that the tuning, service and advice I receive are given by a trained and experienced technician and tuner, who can also attend to any repairs, maintenance and rebuilding necessary I feel confident in recommending James to any of my piano students and friends who ask for a good tuner or want advice on purchasing an instrument.

Dee Herrmann
Piano teacher, Wayne, NJ

I wouldn't trust my pianos to anyone else! His work is perfection! I look forward to the day when I can have him restore my 1929 Sohmer cupid grand! He has maintained my pianos for over 15 years!

Janice Sczrosynski
Piano teacher
Ramsey, NJ

Jamie is honest, trustworthy and technically proficient! He is the only one to call! He understands personal and emotional attachments to a certain piano and at the same time knows what is feasible within economic constraints. In others words...he makes it work!

Nancy De Ritter
Piano teacher/accompanist
Parsippany, NJ

I have used James Karr for both my piano tuning needs as well as the restoration of my Steinway. He has always been willing to work with me on what I want with my pianos regarding touch, sound, etc. He is courteous and prompt and always does an outstanding job. I have always recommended him to my piano students without reservation and I know they as well have become repeat customers.

Ruth Pasquariello
Piano Teacher
President, Pompton Valley Music Teachers Assoc.
Riverdale, NJ

Thank you once again for a beautiful tuning of my piano. As always I value your expertise and rely on you to keep my piano in excellent shape. It's always a pleasure to work with you.

Christian Wilhjelm
Director, Ridgewood Concert Band

James Karr stands in the first rank of piano tuners and technicians in the world today. His work is absolutely first-rate. His skill, compassion and integrity is found in everything he does.

Morrene Hubbard Jacobs and
Jensen Austin Jacobs, her daughter (2013)

My parents' Steinway had been valued at $400 in my Dad's estate. The appraiser told me that was generous and the Steinway should be headed to the dump, that it was beyond use. I contacted Mr. Karr. He envisioned a Steinway restored to all its tone and magnificent workmanship in our baby grand. When I indeed saw it restored by Mr. Karr, I cried. It took my breath away! He has given us back a treasure trove of family memories in addition to a magnificent Steinway. Every day we live with it, we thank him.

Chip Hartman
Branding Specialist, Classical Pianist
Montville and Parsippany, NJ

I regularly perform for residents of local nursing and assisted living facilities in Morris County, New Jersey. At one facility, a beautiful baby grand piano sat in the lobby horribly out of tune. I convinced the Executive Director to let me research local piano specialists in order to find a technician who could make the piano enjoyable to play again. Through online searches and conversations with key contacts, one name kept coming up: James Karr Piano (then based in Montville, NJ). I contacted Mr. Karr, discussed the situation, timeframe and budget, and made arrangements for him to inspect the instrument, tune it, and give me his opinion regarding any additional maintenance he might recommend.

The result: The staff and residents were impressed by Jamie's friendly but totally professional approach. On a purely personal level, I was astounded by his exhaustive knowledge of the acoustic piano. But best of all (after the tuning was completed), I felt as if I was playing a concert grand Steinway! Chopin sounded like Chopin again  —  not some stale tune played by an organ-grinder!  Jamie made that piano sing!

Merchantcircle; Amazing 5-stars, by Northjerseymusic, 5/26/2014)

Amazing: This is the only type of work that James Karr does. I am the Director of North Jersey Music Labs and have worked with Jamie for the past 35 years. He has tuned and maintained my client's instruments and has always been reliable and uncompromisingly professional. As a rebuilder he has provided pianos for myself as well as dozens of others clients who have consistently been more than satisfied with the results. When appropriate, he has also recommended other professionals who have been equally outstanding in their fields. Whether tuning for me at Carnegie Hall or the Women's' Club of Ridgewood, the same passion and dedication is always evident for when I sit down to play it's just magic. In addition, he's a trustworthy, loyal, and terrific individual who inspires confidence. I highly recommend anyone who has any interest in purchasing, tuning, rebuilding, or maintaining a piano (especially Steinway) to contact Mr. Karr immediately. He is the best.

Merchantcircle; Excellent Rebuilder & Technician 5-stars, by Sergiosalvatore, 10/31/2013

James Karr is, hands down, the best piano technician I've ever worked with (from 20 years in the business professionally). His rebuilding work is world-class, and his tuning is unparalleled. Many don't realize the significance of the relationship between the piano's tuning and the performer. After Jamie's worked on a piano, it just makes more things possible.

(Merchantcircle; Brilliant 5-stars, by Anonymous, 8/24/2014)

James did an excellent job tuning my Schimmel piano which hadn't been tuned in a couple of years. The piano has never sounded so good. James arrived on time and was very professional. I would highly recommend him and feel anyone reading the reviews below should really ignore the "unsatisfied" person from a few years ago. I have used a few other people in the past and have not been happy. James more than met my expectations. Anyone looking for someone to tune a piano should contact James Karr. He is the best that I have seen!

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