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How often should a piano be tuned?

The industry standard for the frequency with which pianos should be tuned is at least every six (6) months; this is due primarily to the seasonal change in relative humidity. But professionals and people with a more sensitive musical ear will find the piano incrementally "wandering" out of tune in the more heavily played range. In these cases, four (4) times a year is customary.

Our piano doesn't get played very often. Do I still need to get it tuned regularly?

Yes, as little as once a year is still considered acceptable for baseline maintenance.

Is it bad for my piano to be played hard or loudly?

No, not particularly. But hard blows delivered by a fist  —  even by a 5-year-old  —  can break the wooden keys.

How long does it take to tune a piano?

In general, JKP tuning appointment slots are 1.5 hours long (more if repairs are required). Typically, we will arrive within a tolerance of 1/2 hour, e.g., 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm and will notify you if there is any significant deviation.

How should I prepare for the piano tuning appointment?

In all cases, the quieter — and more tranquil — the area in which the piano is being tuned, the better the results will be. This means temporarily eliminating common household noise like vacuuming, television or stereo and minimizing extraneous and persistent noise, regardless of its source.

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